On-Farm Evaluation Team

Meet the IFAC On-Farm Evaluation Team

Michael Telford, Executive Director

Michael Telford is the Executive Director of the Iowa Farm Animal Care (IFAC) Coalition. In this role, he manages and coordinates efforts that address concerns and questions regarding farm animal care in the state of Iowa. He currently owns Telford Consulting where he has been instrumental in the development of the certification/export program for the American Berkshire Association and served as a consultant for the National Pork Board conducting management reviews for all the pork state organizations for compliance with the National Pork Act and Order. Prior to starting Telford Consulting, Telford was also Chief Executive Officer of the Iowa State University Agricultural Foundation and served as Chief Executive Officer for the Iowa Pork Producers Association and Iowa Pork Producers Council after getting his start in agriculture in 1975 as a farm broadcaster with WHO-Radio.

Suzanne Millman, PhD, Professor of Animal Welfare, Iowa State University


Dr. Suzanne Millman is a professor at Iowa State University (ISU) with a split appointment with the veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine and biomedical sciences departments. Millman leads a research program in food animal welfare, coordinates animal welfare instruction within the DVM curriculum and provides expertise in animal behavior and welfare for producers, veterinarians and the public. Prior to coming to ISU, Millman was faculty at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph Canada for five years, where she now holds an adjunct appointment.

Anna Johnson, PhD, Professor, Animal Behavior and Well-Being, Iowa State University


Dr. Anna Johnson is a professor of animal behavior and well-being at Iowa State University (ISU). She joined the ISU faculty in 2005 and has created a successful behavior research lab. Johnson's research focuses on farm animal behavior and welfare in conventional and alternative production systems. Prior to joining ISU, Johnson was the director of animal welfare for the National Pork Board and was instrumental in the development of the Swine Welfare Assurance Program, designed to help producers track welfare on their farms.

IFAC On-Farm Evaluation Team Species Specialists

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  • Dairy - Dr. Jan Shearer, Dairy Extension Veterinarian
  • Beef - Dr. Grant Dewell, Beef Extension Veterinarian
  • Poultry - Dr. Yuko Sato, Poultry Extension Veterinarian
  • Pork - Chris Rademacher, Swine Extension Veterinarian
  • Small Ruminants (Sheep and Goats)

Iowa Farm Animal Care (IFAC) Advisory Committee

Mike Naig - Iowa Secretary of Agriculture


Tom Colvin - Executive Director, Animal Rescue League of Iowa


  Dr. Jeff Kaisand - State of Iowa Veterinarian


Josh Hammen, LT. Sheriff, Johnson County